Friday, July 27, 2012


Almost 25 years ago, I married my best friend.  Literally.  It's a long story and a good one but it is for another time.  Suffice it to say, I not only married my best friend, I married someone who has been a rock for me all these years.  He has been my anchor when things go wrong.  Does his optimism drive me crazy at times?  Absolutely.  But, if you know Greg, you know that he knows things.  We, his family, friends and business partners, are always driven crazy by the comment, "I know things", but, ultimately he is right. [I can't believe that I put that in writing].
Greg, as always, has been my touchstone through all of this that is my life, our life.  He has sat in more hospital waiting rooms for me over the years and he has never failed me.   My daughters told me that in the sixteen hours that they were at the hospital waiting, he did not close his eyes a single time to rest.  He is devoted to me and especially in the last few months, it has brought me more comfort than I could ever describe.
 I expected to be growing more and more anxious yesterday, to not be able to sleep last night and none of that has happened.  I took a bath early in the evening with a good book and sat down to go through emails and look at Facebook and I say Greg's latest post and it has helped me to put a timeline and a victory to this next phase of this cancer battle. 
Greg wrote:
Tomorrow Andrea starts Chemo. Its been a long 3 months but so far things have been going well. Currently Andrea has an excellent chance of never having to deal with cancer again. Along the way family and friends have been great with their support. Words can never express well my deep feelings of gratitude for everyone in our lives. Also along they way we have found grace and beauty... daughters who sleep on a couch to give their mom medicine during the night...neighbors who just cut your grass...sisters who arrange meals from friends...parents who buy you a reclining bed for comfort...parents who are just always there has your safety net and foundation to go on... Drs. and nurses who do not see you has a job but a calling to walk you back to full health. Our experience has just been awe-inspiring. All of this has led me to one conclusion...It is A Wonderful Life we have been given and like George Bailey we sometimes need a harsh example to see clearly the love around us. In the end...that is all that matters. So by the time Christmas comes we will watch the movie Its a Wonderful Life has a family and know the gift we have been given is Andrea's full health. Thanks to all.
So, this Christmas, I plan to sit and watch this wonderful classic movie with Greg, Amanda and Ali surrounding me and be ever mindful that yes, there are bumps and even boulders in the road but, with faith, family and friendship, we can get through anything.
 To my wonderful husband, I love you more than words can say and I look forward to sitting together with you and the girls, when they are home for Christmas break, watching the movie and sharing a big box of tissue.


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Had to smile, this is what we know. It's a wonderful life and we are thankful for all of you. The movie used to be on so often that we didn't watch it for years but this year we all will and the tinkeling bell will remind all of us that life is good. LYL, A. G.