Friday, July 20, 2012

What Are The Odds?


If I do nothing, the odds of the cancer coming back is 40%.  It seems incredible with all that I have done that it could be this high but alas, cancer is a tricky little bugger.  Greg, Ali and I met with my oncologist at Northwestern last Thursday.  Dr. T is a lovely woman and I am glad that she is the one that was recommended to me.  She is compassionate, intelligent and made us all feel comfortable.

She told us that her job is to get that percentage as close to 0% as possible.  She is going to start me with a cocktail [I wish it was the yummy kind] of two different chemo drugs.  And yes, my hair will fall out, there is no question to that.  There are other not so great side effects but she will try to minimize these as much as possible.

I find it some things funny, and most women I know will easily relate to this;  why is our hair the nicest just before it needs to get cut?  We have periods where we cannot stand our hair, and yet, as soon as the appointment with our hairdresser nears, our hair seems to know and styles and behaves just the way we want it.  I know that within the next three weeks I will begin to lose my hair and as would be the case, my hair has been behaving for me, even in this sweltering humidity we have been having.  

After Ali had taken me to the plastic surgeon for a follow up just a couple days before we met with my oncologist last week, we stopped at a place in Chicago that helps mastectomy patients.  I tried on several wigs and we did find one that we both liked on me.  I hesitated ordering it but now, well, I need to place the call. :O(

There have been so many of you that have emailed, sent cards, Facebook posts and even on here supporting me through the anxiety of meeting with the oncologist and I wish to thank you.  It means allot that you care and are concerned.  Thank you from all of us.

P.S.  Also, just to update you, Amanda is starting her third week at Leadership Training for ROTC and is getting great marks from her Lieutenants.  She was selected to be a color guard for the graduation ceremony that Greg will be attending on the 3rd of August.  She sounds exhausted when we hear from her but she is really enjoying what she is doing and is already planning a six week program at the base in Germany next summer specifically for critical care nursing.


Anonymous said...

HI, the #40 through me for a loop but then when I read on the 0% lifted me up again. You are doing and looking fantastic. Take care, in our thoughts and prayers, ALWAYS. G & W

Anonymous said...

Andrea you are amazing and strong and with so much support you will beat this. You are always in our prayers. Love, The Liska's